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Welcome to "our tiny island" of riding with a good conscience. We invite you to immerse into the delightful atmosphere of fair interaction with human and horse. You will witness, that in the Courtly Riding School we make no difference between "in front the scenes" and "behind the scenes". Riding and interaction are truly horse-friendly and encourage to immediate immitation. You can not explore this model more profound than during being a weekstudent with your own horse.


A training session takes between 30 and 60 minutes and consists of practical teaching and theoretical explanations.

Lessons with a Courtly Rider cost 75,00 €

Lessons with the Courtly Riding Matser or the Director cost 100,00 €

For each watching companion we bill 25,00 €

The accomodation for your horse will be offset with your help in the stable. Should you not wish to assist with the stable work the costs for the accomodation are 15,00 € per day.

Please ask us for a appropriate holiday home.