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Again and again we get asked: "Where do I get a healthy, talented, well ridden horse with whom I can experience Riding Art up to the highest level?"

Everywhere bargains, offers for compassion and other "chances" are waiting for a rider to link him to a horse for long years, even though it does not measure up his wishes.

The director and the Courtly Riding Master have pulled strings in France, Spain and Portugal for half a year so that they can offer interested persons an "entirely suitable horse for Riding Art" (quote from the book "Du entscheidest - Reiten mit gutem Gewissen" by Christin Krischke).

We invite all friends of the Princely Riding School and readers of Christin Krischkes book to come to B├╝ckeburg and lose their hearts to one of the following dream horses.

Of course, all horses passed a big healthy check. We offer special conditions for the further training.