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The staff members are closely connected by a narrow bond of familial friendship. They all share the deep love for horses and the enthusiasm for the old Italian Riding Art.


Wolfgang Krischke professionally works with horses for more than 35 years. In those many years he learnt in several countries of the world from reputable trainers. Initially stepped out of the English way of riding, he was very successful in western riding in the 80's before he discovered his interest in historic riding through the import of the first Berber horses to Germany. Besides many projects, which have been enacted across Europe, the dream of a "vivid horse museum" arose out of it - and in 2004 it became real in Bückeburg. 


She is the voice of the Courtly Riding School - as anchor in the shows in Bückeburg as well as outside. The total coordination, organisation and strategic positioning lays in her hands. Christin is married to Wolfgang since 25 years and also shares his fascination for falconry. She is an international judge for Berber horses and she particularly stands up for this rare breed. Moreover she has made a name for herself in the riding scene as an author of her book “Du entscheidest - Reiten mit gutem Gewissen”.


Diana has a masters degree in horse science as well as a diploma in media management. At the moment she works as research associate at the university of Kassel in the department of ecological agricultural science and animal breeding. She is the educator in the Princely Riding School and performs in many of our shows and workshops. She imparts her extensive knowledge of historical riding and horses in training, courses and workshops, as well as in university lectures. 


Uta is responsible for organising workshops and events, for public relations and for controlling internal processes. Further jobs are the advancement of marketing concepts and social media support. Initially she came to Bückeburg for an educational leave, but she stayed and is part of the team since 2012. Uta is also a rider and she trains her partially young horses on her own.


Since January 2015 Patricia Schneider is part of the team of riders. In summer 2015 she finished her studies with a Bachelors degree in horse management. In the beginning of 2017 she switched to our management and she is now responsible for administrative tasks, tourist marketing, requests concerning training and for bookkeeping. Furthermore she processes requests for internships. In her free time Patricia trains her young Knabstrupper stallion Triton aus der Schützenden Hand and also presents him in the shows every now and then.


Leonie is point of contact in our boutique and she is responsible for supporting the visitors on site. She is constantly cheerful and helps our guests wherever she is needed. Her bright nature is contagious, that is why you can also meet her at the entrance of our shows. Horses are part of her life since she was a little girl and in her leisure time she also loves to ride.


Rebecca absolved her education as a professional rider (Pferdewirt) at the Courtly Riding School and since summer 2017 she works autonomously by offering training in riding art, outward workshops and lectures. She is affiliated with the Courtly Riding School and she supports her friends and colleagues at the huge gala shows "as in old times".


Zsolt is part of the team of riders since January 2016 as a student. He is from Hungary, where his family runs a western horse ranch.
As a student he passed through our internal education and in this year he completed it as "Chevalier". Zsolts calm nature is an enormous gain in the stable as well as in the training of horses and he is passionate about the old Californian way of riding.


Shalin continues her education as a professional rider here with us and she can also be seen in our shows. We already know Shalin since 2012 when she was an intern at the Courtly Riding School for one year. We stayed in contact and over the years she has always been part of our team of helpers, which supports us in our demonstrations and shows.

Shalin rides since she was five years old and she already gained a huge wealth of experience, as she got the opportunity to get to know different companies with various types of riding. She traines her six horses according to the Old Italian School. 


Peter came to Bückeburg as an intern in 2018. Since August he works part-time as caretaker. The professional armorsmith also learns the historical Riding Art and guides our guests through the stables and the museum.

He has the honour to learn from our most beautiful stallions, just as Raisulih and Beryll. With his bright nature and considerable knowledge he loves to chat with our guests. 




(Kopie 19)

[Translate to English:] Clara ist seit Februar 2017 im Team und befindet sich in der Ausbildung zur Pferdewirtin für Service und Haltung. In der Hofreitschule erlernt sie alles Wissenswerte zu diesem Beruf und die Reitkunst von der Pike an. Clara reitet mit unseren Schulhengsten Beryll aus der Schützenden Hand und Berberhengst Raisulih bereits in Vorführungen mit. Die Betreuung von Praktikanten vor Ort gehört zu ihren festen Aufgaben. Clara ist gelernte Hotelfachfrau und hat zudem privat mehrere Pferde, die sie versorgt und ausbildet.


Ines is a Riding student at the Courtly Riding School for several years.
You will meet her at the entrance of our shows and she always helps out when there is need: in our boutique, at evening welcomes and even as a rider with her Andalusian stallion Pegaso in our open trainings - all around a real piece of gold!
And if you love the planting in front of the Riding House: that is also Ines' job.


During her studies Marlene helps out in shows and in our boutique. Also, she regularly guides visitors through our stables and the museum. You can always rely on her and she is an enrichment for the whole team!

As a student of style management she has a knack for our wardrobe and she is our make-up artist in the gala shows.