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Morning Training of the most beautiful School Stallions with extensive explanations. You can watch the training of the Courtly Riders with their Princely stallions for 75 minutes.

Here you can directly book the Morning Training. Please select your favourite date:


adult 25.00 €
reduced1 22.50 €
mobility impaired2 22.50 €
children <6 years 5.00 €
family3 75.00 €
favourite seat4 50.00 €
lap place5 0.00 €
the chosen seats as
gift voucher6 (by post, Germany only)
5.00 €
1 reduced = groups of 20 or more, children up to 16 years, pupils, students and severely disabled persons.
2 mobility impaired = barrier-free space or seat in front. All other seats in this booking are automatically seated next to this. If you do not wish this handling, please book the parquet seats in a new booking process or call us.
3 family = 2 adults with up to 3 related children up to 16 years.
4 favourite seat = Our system automatically assigns the most popular seats first. Late bookers could be placed on the outside or even scattered. If you wish a guarantee to sit with your companions or desire a specific seat, please book FAVORITE SEATS.
5 lap place = Bitte beachten Sie: Please note: We have no parking space for prams.
6 gift voucher = Please note: The voucher is binding for the demonstration booked above and excluded from exchange. Otherwise, please select the VALUE VOUCHER. If you would like to combine several offers at one or more days on one voucher, please make a note in the order process under "remarks".


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