Frequently asked questions

Below we respond your frequently asked questions:

Have you opened your stables and museum every day?

  • Yes, except for Christmas (24+25.12.), New Year's Eve (31.12.) and New Year, as well as one day before and after our fairs “Landpartie” and “Weihnachtszauber”.

Am I entitled to a seat?

  • Yes of course, you have always booked a seat by making a reservation!

Are the seats numbered for every show?

  • Yes, either your seats are numbered (depending on the show) or you can choose the seats on your own. In principle every seat offers a good view!

Why can I not reach anybody on the hotline in the evening hours?

  • Our hotline is staffed during our opening hours from 10 to 17 o'clock. You are always welcome to leave a message on the answering machine, we will call you back as soon as possible, or to write an email!

Am I allowed to take pictures in the stables or during the shows?

  • No, taking pictures and filming is generally prohibited.

Can I get riding lessons without an own horse?

  • No, our stallions are very individual in behaviour and they tolerate just one rider on their back to whom they completely respond. The courtly riding school has no horses for rent.

Do the shows take place all around the year?

  • With your group you can book shows all around the year. The dates for our fixed shows are noted in our event schedule or you can ask for them on + 49 (0) 5722- 89 83 50.

Are you barrier-free?

  • Yes, the stables and the riding house are accessable for wheelchairs as far as possible. You find a bathroom which is suitable for wheelchairs in the castle.

Can I bring my dog with me?

  • Yes, you can bring your dog in the museum as well as in the riding house as long as the dog does not relieve itself in there :-) Also your dog should stay calm during the shows when the audience applauds.

Am I allowed to feed the horses?

  • No, it is implicitly prohibited to feed the horses. Horses are very sensitive animals who do not tolerate sugar, flowers, candy or bad bread. It ist also forbidden to feed the animals which are outside on the pastures! We are not willing to accept any compromises after our mare Chaqra and her unborn foal died of poisoning!

Are the horses let out on the pastures?

  • Yes, every stallion is singly let out on the pasture as long as he wants to. The foals and the young stallions stay outside the whole year, of course they have a shelter and a water source.
  • The horses are very different in their demands: while Boxter loves to run wildly around and to jump into the air Bonmot wants to get back in the stable after just 3 minutes. We have pastures and paddocks for every need: the greedy horses are let out on the light overgrown paddocks, while the candidates without a diet sheet are let out on the fully overgrown pastures.

When I booked tickets on the internet or on the phone do I get the tickets per post afterwards?

  • No, your data is completely sufficient for a definite reservation. We deposit the tickets on your name and you should pick them up at latest 15 minutes before the show's beginning. If you should not get there in time, for example as cause of a traffic jam, please call to inform us!
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