The Shows

The courtly school of riding art makes you see and feel different kinds of shows and guided tours. An intense experience, that you will never forget!


One visitor likes the historical parts better, one likes a real show with singing and choreographies and another likes the fantastic plays for christmas – you will find an exciting experience for everybody all around the year!

Below you find a short overview of the shows taking place in the historical riding house (where the arena is).

If you visit a show, the entrance fee of the museum reduces from 4,50 € to 2,00 € per person!


Demonstration of baroque riding art

A programme of 45 minutes, which is a guided tour through living history. All kinds of riding art will be presented: the Lady´s saddle, the “schools above the earth”, the “applied riding art” with the wonderful stallions from all baroque breeds – all this will be explained by one of the riders. Changing horses, breeds and topics makes the Demonstration of baroque riding art all year round a pulsating programme.

This is the most often booked programme for groups and single travellers, a programme which can be integrated easily in your course of events. You can also combine the Show with a visit in our stables and the museum, and also with the castle and the restaurant.

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The gala show of riding art

As the name already suggests: A real Gala show! In one and a half hours the riders of the courtly school of riding art present their finest and most fantastic pictures – with gorgeous costumes and wonderful music. The yearly changing programme repeatingly attracts guests to come and visit the show, that only takes place four times a year.

Goosebumps guaranteed! :-)

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Wolfgang Krischke Fürstliche Hofreitschule

Princely horses parade

A unique performance of the baroque breeds of horses, which are resident at the courtly school of riding.The noble stallions with their unique beauty are presented to the audience in hand and under saddle on a journey through the epochs. We present Lipizzaner, Frederiksborger, Lusitanos, PRE, Barbs and Knabstrupper, just as the rarely “white-born” horses. A show, specially developed for all horse lovers and culture enthusiasts.

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The courtly art of riding

For everybody who wants to know even more! This show is great to get to know more about the variety of the still existing baroque breeds. It takes about 75 minutes and takes place on some sundays. The “courtly art of riding” show also tells more about the old riding school at the court of Schaumburg-Lippe and it´s history. Next to the stallions, pony Jack – Captain Jack Sparrow – will excite with his interpretation of the haute école – of course having lots of fun! A real highlight!

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Renaissance Waffengarten Fürstliche Hofreitschule

Glory and Brilliance of Renaissance

Revival of the courtly riding art in magnificant renaissance costumes. The 50 minutes commented show's highlight is the skill at arms, in which the noble school stallions and their riders prove their know-how in fencing, jousting and many others. A journey back to the court of King Louis XIII. in Paris.

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Public training

Wanna have a glimpse behind the scenes? If you always wanted to know how our horses are trained in the beautiful lesson, why they are that motivated and what our riders make different than other riders the Public Training could be the place for you.
About one hour you can have a look at the daily work of our riders with the horses, after that you get the possibility to ask them questions.

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The X-Mas-Special

A journey into the imagination of young and old people! The annual new designed X-Mas Special combines theater, acting, singing and wonderful riding choreographies of the Riding School. Our X-Mas Special is an unforgettable X-Mas present for the whole family!

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Diana Krischke mit Genete Piano

Magic Horses Show

For children, teenagers and all “young stayed” adults – we invite you on an imaginative journey through the world of the magic horses full of magic moments!

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Vorm Reithaus

Special events

  • You are on a trip with a very special group?
  • You just have a short period of time for some small impressions of the courtly school of riding?
  • You have international guests?
  • You plan a surprise for a very special person?
  • You would like to have a professional photo shooting of your stay?

We are pleased to submit an offer for you, which is individually adapted to your group!

Therefore please call + 49 (0) 5722 – 89 83 50.

Or e-mail your propositions, questions, ideas or basic information: E-Mail

Guided Tours through the stables and the museum


We offer guided tours through the historical stables and the museum on several dates throughout the year. The guides, dressed in baroque costumes, clearly and entertaining explain the exhibits as well as the different display cases in the museum, all with many anecdotes and profound knowledge. They talk about riding culture, baroque breeds and about the horse itself while discovering the historical stables.
We offer guided tours with a duration of 45 minutes as well as the possibility to discover the courtly school of riding backstage – a look “behind the scenes” with a duration of 60 minutes.

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NEW – Our thematic guided tours e.g. about falconry, knights, saddles and bridles compactly deal with a special theme and offer an interesting insight in different fields of riding culture.

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