Riding Art Workshops


workshop season 2013/2014

Giant fun plus guaranteed learning effect!

workshop 1 – 10.01.2015
“Forward-down, but correct!”
workshop 2 – 07.02.2015
“Ground training”
workshop 3 – 07.03.2015
“Introduction to Riding Art – sidewalks and co.”
workshop 4 – 21.03.2015
“Exclusive workshop: from young horse to ridden horse”
workshop 5 – 10.10.2015
Ways to collection!
workshop 6 – 21.11.2015
Bits – types and mechanism of bridles

each time from 10 -17.00 o'clock in the riding hall (which can be heated when required)

The Riding Art workshops

  • offer a fundamental knowledge and a lot of helpful “To-Dos” for the daily life with a “professor on four hoofs” or a horse, which wants to be one.
  • show horses with completely different training levels and talent.
  • show on the example of selected riders typical difficulties in training and how to work on them
  • impart concentrated knowledge through watching and listening (active riding lessons is only impossible in terms of private riding lessons)
  • impart background knowledge of history, health of horses, breeding and care, biomechanics, dental health, osteopathy, equipment etc.

Prices: 65,00 € with reservation, 70,00 € without reservation
10,00 € reduction for pupils and students

workshops with demonstration of Baroque Riding Art 70,00 € with reservation, 75,00 € without reservation
10,00 € reduction for pupils and students

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