Training - the horse is king

Beritt Hofreitschule

In daily exercises, which lengths are exactly adapted to the power of concentration, condition and personality of each horse, the horses entrusted to our care are trained by the Courtly Riders.

The horses benefit from over 30 years of professional experience and the enlightened and unconditionally horse-friendly management of our stables:

  • huge, airy horse boxes
  • individual feeding and care
  • Solarium
  • single paddocks or meadow
  • lunging area
  • heatable riding arena
  • ideal riding terrain
  • weekly osteopathic supervision
  • homeopathic care

The results are convincing!

Through the sophisticated, individual training programme the progress is faster and more solid than with conventional methods.

Balance, motivation and first lessons are already developed after few weeks!

Prices and training capacities on request by phone +49 (0)5722 89 83 50 or by mail an