Riding Courses 2015


The Courtly Riding Masters on travels

Kurse Hofreitschule

In 2014 Wolfgang and Christin Krischke offer few courses outwards to impart their knowledge.

At the weekend workshops the participants and the audience learn various interesting facts about what the ancient Masters understood under Légèreté, how the inner picture and the skipping of aids work and what you need to change to ride your horse healthy and motivated up to a high age. Wolfgang and Christin Krischke can refer to over 25 years of experience in horse training.

When you are interested in actively participating or as a spectator you can directly contact each organizer!

DATES 2015:

09./10.05. and 01./02.08.
Sabine Oettel, 94072 Bad Füssing (near Munich), sabine.oettel@gmx.at

20./21.06. and 17./18.10.
Nadine Saxer, Northern Switzerland (near the German boarder), info@pferde-therapie.ch

HINT: When you also want to organize a course with the Courtly Riding Masters or the Riders or a workshop on your own property please contact us by mail melden.