Bückeburger School Saddle

Bückeburger Schulsattel

In cooperation with Deuber&Partner we developed a saddle with a look perfectly derived from the historical model and which allows perfect riding, a deep seat, finest influence and an ideal weight distribution by latest technology.

Materials: ultraflexible fibreglass saddle tree with patented adjustable gullet plate (adjustable tree width with allen key), exchangeable velcro pillions in different strengths, safety stirrup attachment, high-quality vegetable-tanned smooth leather (saddle flap) and napaleather and nubuck leather (seat surface), fittings in brass or stainless steel.

Colours: Saddle leather and seat leather can be chosen in many different combinations. Black, dark brown, middle brown, light brown, nature, grey and more colours or hallmarking on request.

Bückeburger Schulsattel Kammerweite

sizes: adaptable to every horse thanks to adjustable gullet plate and exchangeable velcro pillions

metal fittings: you can choose between brass (gold) and stainless steel (silver)

seat surface:
size 1 (clothes size up to female 36/male 44)
size 2 (clothes size up to female 46/male 54)
size 3 (clothes size starting from female 48/male 56)

Modell Bückeburger Schulsattel

prices and supplies: (incl. 19% VAT)
Saddle starting with 2898,00 €, special colours and hallmarking for additional charge

If you are interested in our saddle, have questions or need a consult please send a mail or call +49 (0)5722/89 83 50.

The saddles are custom-made and have a delivery time of up to 12 weeks.