Date in 2015: 26th & 27th of September

Living history

Dive into the world of 1763, when Earl Wilhelm of Schaumburg-Lippe, the huge military strategist of his time, came back from Portugal to Bückeburg victoriously. The whole aristocracy from near and far arrived in his castle in Bückeburg to warmly welcome him with a huge celebration – to the displeasure of all employees :) Especially when on top the first soldiers began to put up their camp and to execute their manoeuvres!
Let yourself be transported into Baroque times by lots of great actors, musicians and dancers at beautiful scenes!

Earl Wilhelm of Schaumburg-Lippe is to be expected!

A wonderful revived piece of history, with authentic costumes, music, dance and lifestyle which takes place inside the castle and on the castle island. Experience the world of baroquian times, where you could live a “frilly” life with lots of splendor.

On plus the Courtly Riding School celebrates the 10 years anniversary on that weekend and offers special shows in the riding house and an authentic fencing school. The institution built in 1608 is one of only two Courtly Riding Schools that overcame the French Revolution and the two World Wars unscathed. The Ridng Art has been essential for each aristocrat in former times as all knowledge, which is today spend on military, sport, prestige, hunting or even cars, was then very concrete and easy: the war horse.
Let yourself be enchanted by the courtly stallions!

Opening hours:
10. and 11. Mai, Sat. 10-18 o'clock, Sun. 10-17 o'clock

Attention: Because of limited seats please book extra tickets on !
12.00 o'clock: Caroussel of historical Riding Art + fencing school in the Riding House
14.00 o'clock: Skills at arms and fencing school in the Riding House

Around the castle you can watch some of the following scenes:

Soldiers' exercises Bridge
Huge manoeuver Garden
Falconry Garden
Fencing school Riding House
Duel Inner Courtyard of the castle
Court trumpeter Castle chapel
Musikc Ballroom / Green Hall
Dancing Ballroom
Courtly hunting Hunting Hall
Dressing Green Hall
Fashion show Ballroom
Criminalistics lecture White Hall


Animated castle, demonstrations in the garden, stables and museum:
Adults 10,00€
Groups from 15 people on 8,00€
Children up to 16 years 8,00€
Family ticket 30,00€
Children up to 6 years have free entrance!

Show in the Riding House (12 or 14 o'clock) + fencing school:
Adults 10,00€
Groups from 15 people on 8,50€
Children up to 16 years 8,50€
Children up to 6 years 5,00 €
Family ticket 32,50€

Weekend ticket including 2 shows in the Riding House and entrance into the animated castle, demonstrations in the garden, stables and museum
Adults 35,00€
Groups from 15 people on 28,50€
Children up to 16 years 28,50€
Children up to 6 years 10,00 €
Family ticket 100,00€