The Princely Riding School's Team

The Courtly Riding Master

Raisulih und Wolfgang

Wolfgang Krischke
Wolfgang Krischke works as a professional horse trainer since over 30 years. He initially quit the local riding scene, then in the 80s was very succesful in western equitation before he imported the first barb horses to Germany and discovered his interest in history. Subsequently lots of projects resultet, performed all over Europe, and also the dream of a “lively horse museum” – which came true in 2004.

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The director

Christin Krischke
She is the voice of the Princely Riding School – as presenter in our local shows or our outside shows or as representative at conferences or negotiations. Coordination and organisation lays in her hands. Christin is married to Wolfgang Krischke for 20 years and since then infected with the horse virus. She is also an international judge for Barb horses and she especially campaigns for the preservation of this rare breed.

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Marketing and event management

Uta Altenburg
Uta is responsible for the development of our marketing concepts as well as for the organisation of our workshops and events. She originally came to Bückeburg for an educational leave but stayed and now supports the team with her economical knowledge since automn 2012.

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Public relations and webshop


Diana Krischke
Diana is one of the Courtly riders and manages our public relations and the webshop. She is the right contact for questions all about riding art equipment. With an degree in Equine Science (M.Sc. agr.) and media management (Dipl.) she also likes to answer all questions about the work in the Courtly Riding School. Moreover she trains the school stallions and takes part in the shows with her horses Bonmot du Roi and Maestoso Amata.

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Customer management and hotline


Janna-Marie Glissmann
Janna is the most important contact of the courtly riding school team – she is responsible for the organisation “behind the scenes”. With an degree in communication studies and economics the takes care of all requests, bookings and orders. The coordination of our hotline also lays in her hands. Janna is a rider as well and trains her PRE stallion among other things in the side saddle.

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Anne Oltersdorff
Anne finished her master studies in Equine Sciences in spring 2015. In early 2014 she started as an intern at the Courtly Riding School and is now supporting the team in all administrative tasks. Moreover she is in charge of our Lipizzan stallion Maestoso Amata, this professor on four hoofs teaches her Riding Art right from the beginning.

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Riding lessons and training

Rebecca Güldenring
Rebecca completed her training as a professional equestrian at the Princely Riding School and is now taking care of the school stallions as a Courtly Rider. Moreover she organizes and coordinates riding lessons and training horses. With her own horses Marcos and Ducal she regularly takes part in our demonstrations.

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Dorothea Glindmeyer
Dorothea has finished her training as professional equestrian at the Princely Riding School in 2014. Because of her good equestrian skills she took part in the shows very early and is now a inherent part of them.
She is also in charge of the organisation of all work concerning the stables. .


Patricia Schneider
Patricia is the latest member of our Courtly Riders. After a six-monthly internship she now supports the team since January 2015 and learns the Riding Art in form of a lateral entry.
Furthermore she finished her Bachelor studies in Equine Management in summer 2015.
Recently she is the proud owner of her own PRE stallion Biennacido. With him she takes already part in our demonstrations.


Xaver Vitoul
Xaver is our “man for all seasons”. In early 2015 he was first hired as caretaker and male support for the stable work. But we quickly discovered his sensitive skills in handling horses.
Meanwhile Xaver is a reliable contact in the matter of young horses education. Moreover he drives his own Shetlandpony stallion Citano and our Captain Jack Sparrow in front of a two-horse carriage and he enjoys the privilege of learning the Riding Art from our PRE-stallion Brioso.


Contact persons in the Stable Boutique

Hans Wolter
Mr Wolter is the good soul at the entrance of the Courtly Riding School. He welcomes our guests with lots of charme in dirfferent languages and he is always in a good mood. The former helicopter pilot and trainer loves the contact to our guest groups and always helps along.

E-Mail: Zum Marstall

Maike Stratmann
Maike is our humour-package on the weekends – despite of guest runs, short term special tasks and hotline service she alwys stays calm and precise.